Pipe Cutting Machine

Pipe cutting plasma model of the portable cutting machine which realize both CNC Cutting & Pipe cutting process.

It enjoys features of convenient, easy to handle, working stability & elegant appearance. Can make intersecting pipe hole cutting in different directions and different diameters. Can make branch pipe and main pipe vertical or cross in some angle. Can cut branch intersecting pipe's end socket for main pipe. Can cut square and slotted hole and all shapes on the pipe. Can cut dual bending ends for bending of the pipe after welding. Equipped with "Two Axis Linkage Control" intersection. NC System with 7", 10.5" Color LCD Screen for pipe cutting without beveling. Applicable for Flame & Plasma cutting process. AC Stepper or Servo motor drive technology. Input Power: Single Phase AC 220V, Approximately 600W. Transmission: Rack & Pinion drive system. Track Length: 2000mm (effective cutting length Y axis). can be customized for extending cutting length. Applicable Pipe diameter: F60mm- F600mm. Cutting Speed: 60-2000/ 5000mm/min. Equipped with Fastpipe Nesting & cutting software.