CNC Profile Cutting Machine

CNC Profile Cutting Machine developed by Equipments India as Equi-CUT LG series which is suitable for many industries for metal plate cutting.This machine is rigid gantry type design Economical level solution for production of Oxy fuel & Plasma cutting process. This machine driven system with heavy duty track for steady and precision cutting.

Standard Features

Longitudinal and transverse energy feed drag-chains, hose/ cable clean and move smooth. Direct rack and pinion of 1.5 Module in both axes for accurate and repeatable motion. Plasma Torch height sensing system with rapid initial height sensing. High torque Stepper motors 3.4nm, 6.8nm or 8.7nm capacity. CNC Controllers of 7” or 10.4” screen allows entering the program directly on the system or transfer files through USB. Gantry Effective width available in 1.5, 2.0 & 2.5 Meter in standard size. Effective Length available from 3 Meter – 12 Meter. Variety of Nesting software available for programming. Rapid Speed 10mm – 6000mm/ min, Cutting speed 10mm -2000mm/min. Maximum two torch stations available as per customer requirement. LM Guides for X axis movement for smooth & precision driving. Suitable for Oxy Fuel & Air Plasma cutting application. Oxy fuel cutting thickness 5mm – 150mm. Plasma cutting thickness as per selected Air Plasma Model. Users can select the units which has several optional functions such as automatic ignition, powder spraying lineation, cutting back, dynamic graphic tracking shows and so on. It realizes the whole cutting process automatic control.